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Lynn Sullivan, MCC, CTC




Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist you in making your dream vacation a reality. To plan an amazing and seamless getaway with the quality that you desire. To work with you so you can travel with ease. 

I was a Chinese translator during my time in the Air Force with most of my tour of duty in Korea. Upon completion of my enlistment, I continued working for the government and would help friends and coworkers when they wanted to vacation in the Far East. Upon returning to the United States, I  became a travel agent.

Fast forward to 1992. While working with a family to plan their dream vacation,  I found a better value for them. The agency I was working for would not allow me to offer it to them. As a result, TRAVEL with EASe was formed; always searching for the best value.

Throughout the years I have earned many professional designations for travel. I have certifications such as Master Cruise Counselor (MCC) and Certified Travel Consultant (CTC). These aren't just “letters after my name” it is about the commitment I have made to my career. Having my MCC and CTC designations are like having a Bachelors Degree in Travel and Tourism. I have traveled and seen a lot of this world, but not every place. I loved going to Ireland and Alaska. I have visited every state in the United States. Have traveled to China twice and sailed extensively throughout the Caribbean. There are many other places I've visited and my bucket list is still extensive.

I'm often asked, "Why should I use a travel agent?" My response is: "Why not use a person that wants to serve your travel needs versus an automated service with a call center customer service line, with at best zero interest in making your getaway all it could be." 

TRAVEL with EASe is a service company that practices personalized service by working with you at a time and place that is convenient for you. 


What are you waiting for? Your extraordinary journey begins here.